Hi. My name is Andrew Francis.

10005270_658209264215159_1359100715_nI’m a song-writing folk singer from the city of Chicago in the Midwestern United States of America. And I also raise two children, rake bank-loaned leaves, maintain a backyard garden, work as a freelancer, do an endless stream of dishes and laundry, am prone to fits of ardor, change a furnace filter once a month, shave with a double-edged razor, bake bread, stay up much too late at night, jog in a miss-matched sweatsuit, and have time for a warm and caring relationship.

While performing in Chicago and throughout the Midwest since 2006, I’ve crafted tunes that range from original compositions inspired by traditional folk ballads and blues hollers to gospel protest songs and train breakdowns. All of these contain a running theme of elements drawn from growing up around, and living in, Chicago. Here are the elements: visibility, air pressure, cloud cover, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, sunshine, and precipitation.

Monitor Presents Jack Elliott: Ramblin' CowboyMusic Vomit is a collection of these elements from the past, present and future. Various objects, such as newly written songs and draft recordings, photos of vinyl records, songs composed entirely of news headlines, tunes about the city of Chicago and probably a few other things too.

Some people say, “Um, ‘Music…Vomit’? Uh, that’s gross. Vomiting is NOT GOOD.” And I say, “Well, sometimes vomiting feels good, right? Just to get it all out and cleanse yourself? Besides, this is Music Vomit, not Food Vomit or Liquid Vomit or Vomit-At-School-And-They-Clean-It-Up-With-That-Stuff-That-Makes-It-Smell-Worse Vomit.

“It’s about just getting everything out that I can, good or bad or otherwise.”

Also, I occasionally play music in public. Here’s a map of the cities I’ve performed in. Click it and be DAZZLED.

And here’s a map of different locations that I’ve written songs about. Listen to the songs here. (PS. I like to make maps.)


Songwriting, home recording and vinyl records from Chicago folk singer and songwriter Andrew Francis.