Random Record Night: July 20 Recap

I made it through six randomly-selected records on Saturday night. This was mainly due to me cooking a huge pot of chili (yes, chili in the midst of a Chicago heatwave) and baking three loaves of French bread. Anyway, here’s a quick recap of how those records made me feel:

Roy AcuffRoy Acuff

Well, when I posted this, I mistakenly typed “Roy Scuff,” but that’s okay. I’m sure Roy would understand. He probably had huge, fat fingers and would have a hard time typing any sort of legible message on a touch-screen smartphone. This album was a great start to the night. One of those that’s really easy to listen to, feels super light and cheery, but then just absolutely slays you down the middle when you start to pay attention. Plus, just look at that guitar on that bed of hay. Makes my skin prickle. Because I’m highly allergic to hay. My eyes are greasing over just looking at that picture. The music was lovely, though.

Willie Nelson’s Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be)Willie Nelson’s Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be)

Basically all of these are hits. Many of them, though, are played differently, as live versions, than the recordings that were made into hits. This will cause you to say to yourself, “Hey, that isn’t how this song goes! Damnit! Play it right, Willie!” If you go to a Willie Nelson concert now, you’ll also say this. There are a LOT of medlies and strange off-tempo versions of tunes. It’s so good. I wouldn’t know that those are different versions, though. This record, right here, is one that I took from my parents house and I only remember one song ever being played from it. That song: On the Road Again. As little kids, my brother and I composed a dance to it. The only other song I remember being played in our house growing up (other than Christmas music) was Entrance of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik. We also had a dance for that. Oh, and the Super Bowl Shuffle. Of course I remember that one being played. A lot. So, anyway, I have a limited musical history, so to speak. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Chuck Berry’s Greatest HitsChuck Berry’s Greatest Hits

I sure was pulling greatest hits albums left and right, huh? No matter. This album rips. Chuck knew what to do and how to do it and when to do it. He probably only felt really challenged when he saw something like this. I don’t have much to say about this one. It made me dance in the doorway while my chili simmered and my bread dough rose up.

Little Richard, His Greatest HitsLittle Richard, His Greatest Hits

Yep, another hits album. Another fella, like Chuck Berry, who, to the blind eye, just did not give a fuck or bat a lash. Go for it Little Richard. This record is basically all the hits that you know. It’s none of his gospel tunes. Look those up, cause it’s great and troubling stuff. If there’s one person I’d go back and see play live, I think it’d be Little Richard. And, yes, that’s probably not true, but right now it’s how I see it. I still have these tunes up in my head two days later.

Bob Dylan, Empire BurlesqueBob Dylan, Empire Burlesque

I think this is the first Boy Dylan album I’ve pulled out on a Random Record Night. Which is not surprising. I have several of his albums. I love listening to his songs. The way that he says all those words. The sound of it. But all of them are mixed in everywhere, just like all the other records I own. So it’s luck of the draw. And I drew Empire Burlesque. Now, I’ll say that my favorite album (maybe of any album) is probably Bob Dylan, Self Portrait. I’m honest when I say that. Empire Burlesque was not very interesting to me at all. I’m honest when I say that. I think probably I’ve never listened to it before, or never made it to the end before. But I was bored by it. I didn’t like it. I ignored it. Until the last song. Dark Eyes is just great. I wanted to listen to the whole album again, right away. But, that is not how Random Record Night works. I’ll get back to Empire Burlesque after all my records are listened to. No repeats.

Wanda Jackson, Cream of the CropWanda Jackson, Cream of the Crop

Wanda, how’d you get your hair like that? Remember, friends, this is not 2013 when this picture was taken. No airbrushing involved, okay? I think at this point in the evening I was eating a bowl of chili and a hunk of homemade bread and it was 12:30am and I was falling asleep. I slept well on Saturday night, though, and a 6am wake up from the kids was welcomed warmly. I’ll blame this record for that. And I have nothing else to say about it except that I think I bought it at this place in Pittsburgh with some dear, dear friends of mine. Also, I saw her play live, about 6 or 7 years ago, at Fitzgerald’s. I won’t soon forget that.

Also, don’t hesitate to check out my tumblr blog. It’s where I post new song ideas. I started doing that again the past few days. Leave a comment to let me know what you think and then pass the song on to your friends.