April (Version 2)

How about this? A new version, recorded in July 2018, of an old tune, recorded in May 2013, about the month of April, and I’m releasing it in December.

Makes perfect sense!

On this tune you get to hear the beginnings of a new collaboration I’m working on with Andy Trebing. We’ve been writing songs and composing music for a few months now. He’s got some cool tunes of his own and the mix of our two individual sounds goes together pretty good. 

ANYWAY, just listen to the song, okay?

This one has some upright bass, played by Andy, and some backing ambient, droney (yes, that’s how you spell droney) guitar, also played by Andy. 

And that’s it. First release in 2018. In December. Mid-December. I have 2 weeks to write and release 100 more songs to get back on track. I CAN DO IT.