Andrew Francis Performance Cities Map

Andrew Francis Performance Cities Map

While I was thinking the other day about some of the shows I’ve played in the past, I had the idea that it’d be cool to make a map of all the different cities I’ve performed in. Somewhat similar to the Song Locations Map I did last year.

Now, I’m taking some liberties with this because I’m including busking and shows at venues and house parties and just about wherever I entertained (or tried to entertain) a group of people.

So far I’ve got 32 different cities on there. I think that’s not a whole lot, but I plan on updating this the more places I play. Or, maybe that is a lot. I guess it depends on who I compare it to. I bet Superman hasn’t played his guitar for people in that many cities. So, I’m better off than Superman in that regard.

Really, though, it was always a goal of mine since I started performing to get out of Chicago and play in different places. I’ve done that. Now what? More cities? More cities further away? More countries? Planets? Stars? Asteroids?

Maybe my new goal should be to just do what I want to do and play where I want to play? Maybe I don’t even need any goals? I’ve got desire enough to perform that I don’t need to keep trying to attain some milestone which I may not ever reach, or, if I do, may not seem as great as when I started.

Anyway, click around the map. I’ve added small notations about where I’ve played.