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New Song: Every Track For Every Train

Well, remember when I had a trip out to the Big East Coast at the beginning of April. I wrote a bunch of songs on the plane trip out?

This is the first song I wrote on the plane trip back.

I wrote a train song.

You know what train songs are all about. Right? Do some research into John Henry, if you don’t. Then you’ll get it.

Anyway. This is what I sound like singing a song that I wrote 5 million miles in the air in a tube of gasoline moving at 6 thousand miles per hour. It’s also what I sound like singing a song drunk.

New Song: What’s always in my dreams

Well, here’s another song I wrote on my trip out to New Jersey. This one I wrote in an airplane way up high on my way back to Chicago after spending some time way up high on a mountaintop in the middle of the Catskills in Upper State New York.

It’s another train song. Been writing a lot of those lately. Most of them have nothing to do with a train, though.

Anyway, it’s a new song and I like it. This’ll be one that I commit myself to learning. I’ll add mouth harp. I’ll play it with conviction. So much conviction that whenever I play it I’ll just start to giggle in the middle of the tune. So watch closely for that.

New Song: Don’t you see?

And here’s the final new song recording for the night. This caps off the three tunes I wrote on my way out to New Jersey to visit some very close personal friends.

The third verse of this one needs a lot of work. Maybe even some completely different words.

But overall, I like this tune the best of the three I recorded tonight. That’s it.

New Song: That confuses me too

This one is just ridiculous.

I had to edit it, slightly, which is why it took a little bit to record. Meaning…it took 29 minutes to:

  1. adjust some of the lines so they fit better in the rhyme scheme and the whole song flowed a little better
  2. Press record and hope I got through all the words
  3. Press record 3 more times after flubbing lines part way through the song
  4. Write this
  5. Press “Publish”
  6. Go back and add this numbered list
  7. Press “Save Post”

The end.