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WBEZ Interview About “Rahm Songs”

I appeared on the WBEZ program The Afternoon Shift on May 27, 2014, and talked with host Niala Boodhoo about my new album of Chicago-inspired songs titled “Rahm Songs.”

WBEZ InterviewLocal musician rehashes old lyrics for ‘Rahm Songs’

Logan Square songwriter Andrew Francis first started writing protest songs directed against our previous mayor. But as it turns out, Francis finds his songs are still particularly relevant today. He wrote “CTA Blues” back in 2006, and with very few tweaks he was able to rehash the song for his mini-album, ‘Rahm Songs.’ He joins us in studio to talk about the inspirations for his music and lyrics, and his experience reworking his old songs.

— May 27, 2014 — Niala Boodhoo — The Afternoon Shift – WBEZ 91.5fm

Listen to the interview and live performances of the updated, Rahm Emanuel versions of “Mister Mayor Says” and “Talkin’ CTA Blues” above, or by clicking here. Download the interview by right clicking here and selecting “Save As…”

And, download the album “Rahm Songs” for free right here.



Random Record Pick: James Baldwin, Black Man in America, Credo 1

Vinyl record of James Baldwin, Black Man in America, Credo 1.For more photos, connect to @afrancisb on Instagram.

Random Record Pick is a way to organize and archive an always-growing collection of vinyl records. Each record is randomly picked from a shelf or crate or dusty corner of my house, a photo is taken of the cover, and then the entire record is played all the way through, even if it’s terrible.