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New Song: Hey hey! Hey ho!

Hey hey! Hey ho!

I wrote this one-liner on Saturday. Or Sunday. Whichever day I thought was the 20th on that day since I thought today was the 21st.

So I wrote it, then I added the “Hey hey!” and “Hey ho!” parts tonight. Feel free to join in on those sections. It’s fun! Shout it! Strain your throat. I did.

By the way: It surely is a hard thing to try and write and record one song every day, even if that song is only one line with a few words. It’s doubly hard when your throat seizes up due to allergies. Apologies to everyone this had any effect on.

Now, I tried and tried and tried to add several different harmony parts. But I have so little clue on how to add harmony parts.

Then I attempted some drums and a tambourine and even a small children’s xylophone. I thought that was a little much, though. It didn’t work anyhow.

So, I just duplicated the main guitar and vocal track a bunch of times, applied several canned effects, adjusted the volume settings, and wham-oh!

I realize it’s a little bit behind-the-times. A little bit, say, somewhere around 2007 or 1998 or 1987 or 1971 or 1952 or 1536. But, this is folk music that I’m doing. This is a folk song that I’m building one line at a time.

If you call what you do a folk song then you can do whatever you want. I’ve learned that over the years. It’s in the folk music manual.

Look it up.

When it comes right down to it, though, I just really like this line or this verse or how these words go together. The music is way less important.

It is in three-quarter time, though. And everything is better at that speed. Try it. Then you’ll understand.

Note: If you have more than the 2 minutes it takes to listen through the whole song once, I suggest listening at least twice. Once through speakers (computer, or otherwise) and then a second time through headphones. It’s different.