Mister Mayor Says (I’m Guided By The Love Of Gold) (Version 2)

Ok, folks. Here’s the second installment of “Repost Thursday.” You can check out the first one I did (a couple weeks ago) here. In that, I re-recorded the version of “Unworried Mind” that I first recorded the week of December 7 back in 2009. I hadn’t come up with the snappy name of Repost Thursday. I just did that yesterday. I think it’s got a nice ring to it. Or, at least some kind of ring to it, anyway.

Well, for this round I re-recorded my song “Mister Mayor Says” that I first released one year ago this week. (Listen to the original version here.) I wasn’t actually going to re-record it because this was a track on my record “It’s Chicago!” that I just put out in August. (You have a copy, right? No? Well, you’re in luck. You can go here to download the mp3s for a minimal fee. [You can also buy it on iTunes or Amazon, if you wish.] By purchasing the electronic files only you save trees and save on plastic production. If you need a real live hard-copy, though, I have those too.

That was a long aside, huh?

So, anyway, I was gonna not re-record this one and just use the album version, but then I figured that’d be an easy way out. Plus, the album version and the version I recorded in December 2009 are pretty much the same.

So I went ahead and mixed it all up.

This version is in 3/4 time. Has some mouth harp. The singing is quite different. The words are all pretty much the same, though.

If you didn’t know already, here’s the newspaper article that inspired this song. And here’s a picture of the beautiful Mayor Daley. He will be sorely missed.


And, that’s that. I kinda like this version. I may even try playing this one out. I’d stopped performing it cause the Mayor’s quittin soon and I don’t like shooting fish after their already caught. Plus its got some references to things that happened a couple years ago (like Chicago not getting the Olympics).

Anyway…be sure to check back tomorrow for the old version.

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