Rewritten Song: Out in the Cold Cold Wind (version 2)

It’s Replay Thursday (renamed from Repost Thursday, because “replay” sounds better). The song I wrote, recorded and released this week last year was “Out in the Cold Cold Wind,” which ended up on my album, “It’s Chicago!” which you can go buy in iTunes or over at CDBaby.

The original version, which is basically exactly the same as the album version and which you can listen to here, was in 3/4 time and I wrote it on one of those absolutely frigid Chicago nights. Was a beautiful night actually. A lovely, post-Christmas, pre-New Year night. A nice, slow, easy-paced night. That’s how I wrote the song, that’s how I sung it too.

This new version is a bit hotter. It’s hotter outside today. It’s gonna be 60 degrees tomorrow to send out 2010. This new one moves. It’s a lot like my other song from a few months back “I ain’t gonna be returnin that-a-way.” Well, actually, it doesn’t sound anything like that version of that song. But I play “Ain’t returnin” different for different occasions and this new version of “Cold Cold Wind” sounds like a different version of “Ain’t returnin.”

Okay. That’s it. Soon it’ll be 2011. See ya there.

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