New Song: 53 Weeks

Here’s a new tune I started writing way back on February 27. The first verse was all I jotted down and I let it sit until Friday last week, when I picked up again.

I didn’t really have any issues with the music. It’s just a straight up blues progression. One I’ve used a million times in a million other songs. Works here, fairly well, I think.

The singing fell in line easy too and after I got the first verse set to music and the way I wanted to sing it the other verses just stacked right up. I finished off the last verse last night and then lad down the cut.

It’s a decent attempt at a song, I think. There’s something in there to work on. With these type of blues tunes I sometimes feel like there’s a chorus missing or something that needs to change in the song structure to loosen it up a bit. So it’s not feeling so similar and repetitive throughout. Maybe someone else can come up with that part for me.

Maybe you?

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