New Song: You got nothing for me

I wrote this new one last night. I hate doing that. Getting up to the last minute of my deadline and squeezing one out. Hardly ever turns out the way I want. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it just falls flat. I think this one just falls flat.

Oh well.

I had a couple other tunes I was working on throughout the week, but they just weren’t going anywhere, so I dropped em by the wayside. Those type of things I just stick in a pile of unfinished business and maybe come back to it later. There’ve been a handful of songs I’ve brought back outta that pile over the last year or so, but mostly I use it to lift lines or ideas from and take them in a different direction altogether.

So that’s that for today. I still haven’t really figured out what to do in place of Replay Thursdays since I don’t have any tunes from last year to re-record (until the week of April 25). Maybe this week I’ll give that some time.

See ya.

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