New Song: The night is long

Started in on this one late on Saturday night. More just had the idea floatin around up in my head. The idea of being in the doghouse. Woke up Sunday morning with it fresh and at the tip of my tongue.

I didn’t quite have the chorus totally down, but I knew the idea. Went through about 7 or 8 different versions. Just wrote em all down rapid fire until something came out. Nothing did really, just yet.

The verses didn’t come either. Thought, at first I do some sort of rewrites of older lines, like:

Ain’t no farmer, ain’t no farmer’s son
but I could seed your field if you need it done

But that didn’t seem to go anyplace fast when I finally sat down to hash out the song. Plus I already sing those lines in the Barehand Jugband’s version of “My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It.”

Also had this line that I was considering using somehow:

If I bring the dough, baby can you roll it?

But, that didn’t fit the song either.

Turned out, I guess, to be less a turnaround blues type a song and more a straight up here’s what it is song. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, that’s how it went writing this one. I got half of it done, including the repeating chorus lines, Sunday afternoon, and the second half done Sunday night. You can tell from the recording that I been sick, and this one was extra hard on my throat to sing, not taking into account that I had to do it about 329 times to get all the words and guitar playing right and together.

Part of me thinks this new one’s a stupid song that I’ll never sing out. And another part of me really likes it. Especially the repeating lines. So we’ll see.

Two times I know I won’t be playin it are this week. Tomorrow night (3/29) at the Hideout with the jugband. It’s our regular, once a month, every last Tuesday gig. Starts at 9pm. It’s only 5 bucks. It’s a hot time.

And next is this coming Saturday night. I’m doing a 45 minute set at a soon-to-be-opened performance space in Logan Square called the Auxiliary. It’s a fundraising event for the space, and also apparently a pig roast. Check out the invite on facebook. It’s open to everyone and it’s BYOB. All you need to do is make a small donation at the door. I go on around 10pm.

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