New Song: Honey, hear me true

Well, here’s the new song I’ve been working on since Sunday. You’d think in that time I woulda been able to finish it, but I think this one’s still got a ways to go.

The chorus part (that starts off the song) I think is pretty much all done, I just couldn’t figure out the music for the other parts, though. What I ended up with at this point works, I guess, but doesn’t really come across the way I had it up in my head.

I really wanted to have some sort of bridge part in this, but I’m not used to writing like that. My songs usually are more repeating chorus line type jobs. I’ll keep working on it, though. Who knows what’ll happen.

So that’s it for the week.

Mark your calendars, though, for next Friday, 12/16. I have a show at the Auxiliary in Logan Square. Check out the details at the facebook event. Gonna be a hot show!

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