New Song: Go when you need to go

Well, I wrote this song last night. Had a different one that I’d written on Sunday night, but it wasn’t the kind of song I like. Was an angry and spiteful one. I don’t think those kind of songs are ever very good. Those kind, or the kind that poke fun at people that aren’t like you.

So, anyway, I scrapped that one and kinda used some pieces from it to write this one. I think it works fairly well. And probably gets the feeling across that I was trying for in the other one, without being melodramatic or hurtful.

This one, though, was incredibly hard to record. I think I started and stopped about 600 times. There’s something about the rhythm of the music and the way the words match up to it that’s both interesting to me and very hard to sing. Maybe that’s why it’s interesting.

I finally got it, for the most part. So enjoy.

Also, remember that I have a show this Friday (12/16) at the Auxiliary in Logan Square. End Times Spasm Band is gonna be there and you do NOT want to miss them. They’re from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and this is their first Chicago show. So you could be the first person in this city to ever see them. How bout that! It’s only 5 dollars at the door. Plus the Auxiliary is BYOB. Doors open at 8pm and the show starts at 9pm.

Check out the details at the facebook event. Gonna be a hot one!

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