Mother Mary

Okay, here we go…a new song called Mother Mary. After, well, let’s see, about seven and a half months. I’m okay with that. Wasn’t for lack of playing or performing.

Anyway…have a listen.

I had the idea for this tune jumbling around up in my head for about a week and then I sat down on Wednesday in a quiet moment of clear breath (for about the first time since January) and popped it out.

Felt easy…like I hadn’t quit writing.

Oh, did you not know I’d quit writing? It was a break. I was doing it and then I wasn’t.

And now I am again. So there.

So, I had this idea. The “Mother Mary” idea. The two-word phrase going over and over and I knew I had to get it out out out. I think I did. I like the way the verses flow.

The chorus part I had a little trouble with. Had three different versions of it. The other two were much too complicated, so I simplified it. Threw out what wasn’t needed and I’m pretty sure I still said what I needed to say.

And that’s that.

A new Talkin’ Headline is coming your way on Tuesday too. And then the re-recorded version of the song I released this week, last year. That’ll be on Wednesday. It’s a re-record of the tune “Cause, Mama,” if you wanted to get a jump on listening to the original version.

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