Rewritten Song: Someday (version 2)

Well, here’s the re-recorded version of the song I wrote way back in 2011. Go ahead, listen to the original. I’m sure you’ll be able to see how I got to this version if you listen really close.

It was the first place I went. Didn’t mean to do a complete rewrite. Just came out that way. Only thought I had going in was to maybe do it in 3/4 time and that was a split second before I wrote the new words. Well, they’re all the same words. The ones from the original recording. So, I guess this isn’t any different at all. I think it still kind of says the same thing. It’s still the same point of view. Although, I have no idea what I was thinking when I first wrote the original lyrics.

I have no idea what I’m thinking now either.

Honestly, this was just an attempt at getting something done. I got it done. Now I move on.

Friday morning I’ll post the new song for this week. And then I’ll move on from that.

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