Rewritten Song: You got nothing for me (version 2)

This re-recording of the song I wrote and recorded in 2011 took approximately under 17 minutes. Proving the point that any song can be made into a three-quarter time ballad. Results may vary, but it can be done. And done quickly.

I think this probably actually is better than the original. But you be the judge. Your eye is so much more critical than my eye.

And then it was bedtime.

I’ll put together my new songs starting tomorrow. I have to do four to get caught up. Two are pretty much done and I just need to work them up on the guitar. Another one I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks. I’ve probably over-thought it at this point, but I’m still going to attempt it. Then I have to pull one more out of thin air. I usually like to reach for those type of songs near oak trees.