Rewritten Song: Mismanaged (version 2)

This week’s rewritten song is a little different. Most times I try to rework the music, and a lot of the time I rework the words for these re-recordings.

For this one, though, I did nothing. It’s exactly like the original.

Go listen to the first recording from 2011 and compare. You could even play them at the same time. That’d be interesting. I was just wondering…how has my voice changed in the past 2 years? How has the way I play guitar changed?

Or have I not changed at all.

My guess is I played this one pretty similar to back in 2011 because I really liked it back then. I had plans to perform it live but never did. I think because I never finished it. Always felt it needed a final verse to kind of tie everything together. Maybe that’s why I called it “Mismanaged.” I just didn’t do so well at getting around to putting any time into it.

Well, anyway, I added a final verse. So I guess it’s a little different than the first version. This also makes it different from other re-recordings in that you’ll need to listen all the way through the whole song to hear what’s different about it.

I wonder who’ll make it. I wonder who made it to even reading this paragraph.

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