Random Record Night: September 29 Recap

I hadn’t listened to any music since late August, so of course I go ahead and have Random Record Night two nights in a row. SORRY BABY.

Usually I’m brewing beer or cooking something while I do this. (Who wants to just sit and listen to music? BORING.) Last night, I was just making some pizza dough and fresh-picked-basil pesto. No actual cooking, but SO MUCH MIXING.

Anyway, here’s what the records were like:

Sesame Street Story TimeSesame Street Story Time

Don’t fuck with the King. He will teach you not one, not two, not three, but FOUR ways to be a good and moral and decent human being. I listened to this and I heard it.

Bob Dylan, John Wesley HardingBob Dylan, John Wesley Harding

Even though I’m a little too familiar with Bob Dylan, I’m not so familiar with this album. For whatever reason it’s one that I just neglect. Lots of good songs, though. “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” is always one I like to hear. It also has “All Along the Watchtower.” However, I don’t like this song. I think it’s because it’s one of those tunes where everyone will say things like, “Oh yeah, I like Bob Dylan. ‘All Along the Watchtower’ is SOOOO GOOOOD. Have you heard [insert other musicians name]’s version. It’s THE BEST.” Or, I think that happens. Does it? I bet it probably does. I usually have a hard time listening to what other people say, so I’m not sure if that’s ever been said, though.

Johnny Cash at San QuentinJohnny Cash at San Quentin

Do musicians still go into prisons and perform for the inmates? They should. This record is why. Also, there’s no one in the world who doesn’t like Johnny Cash. HE’S LOVABLE.

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Three Blind MiceArt Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Three Blind Mice

This is how I like to end a night. The cover art is kind of stupid, but I enjoy looking at it anyway. Looks like Art has RED LASERS shooting out of his face.