Homebrew Review: Simcoe IPA

Homebrew Review: Simcoe IPAThis homebrew was done back in April 2013.

I don’t remember much about it. Just your run-of-the-mill India Pale Ale with Simcoe hops. It was probably okay, but not special enough to keep me going with the brewing through the summer.

This is probably where I started to notice that spending $30 on brew supplies for a one-gallon batch and ending up with leftover grain was not in my best interests.

So I moved on to other summer projects, such as attempting to get rid of giant, bulbous spiders living on our front stoop railing and back alley gate. Note: trying to flick giant, bulbous spiders off the back alley gate with a flimsy piece of cardboard results in those spiders probably ending up on your arm, then you screaming really loud and spending the rest of the day huddled in your bed believing that the spiders are now BURROWING INSIDE YOU. (It feels like they’re still on me. ARE THEY STILL ON ME?)

Next time, just go straight for the “full stream” setting on the hose. Stand back from your target about 30 feet. Spray.