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Homebrew Review: Tea & Toast Ale

Homebrew Review: Tea & Toast AleI’m writing all my Homebrew Reviews in one night. Because…FUCK IT. And because I haven’t brewed since I made this black tea-infused, biscuity beer on Christmas Eve.

I just got kind of tired of brewing. It takes a long time. Especially when you only get 9 beers for brewing a one gallon batch. I’m not saying I’m quitting, I just needed a break.

Anyway, I chose to brew this because when I first started I had planned on doing this beer. I never got around to it, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Now, it turned out. And It’s alright. It’s not really my thing, though. My good gal likes it a whole lot, but it’s too ACIDIC or something for me. I’m not sure. It maybe just doesn’t really taste like beer to me. Tastes more like some sort of tea and I’m not a big tea drinker.

So, anyway, that’s my last beer for a while.

Homebrew Review: Oak Whiskey Tripel

Homebrew Review: Oak Whiskey TripelThis is a “Go Now, Or Else You Gotta Stay All Night” type of beer. STRONG. It’s the first one where I kind of went my own way away from the Brooklyn Brew Shop recipe. The basics were the same for the Tripel, but I added some oak chips and some whiskey and, well, just WINGED IT.

Now, I tasted one after it was ready and, I’m not sure if I was really paying attention. I thought it was good.

Then I tried another a few days later. It wasn’t ready yet. None of the flavors were really coming together well. It tasted like drinking a puzzle.

So I socked it away in a cabinet in the basement for the FUTURE. It’s down there right now. Doing SOMETHING. I bet in like 6 months it’ll be really good.

Thanks to Bob Dylan for the name of this beer. Seriously, don’t drink and drive, okay?

Homebrew Review: New Year Beer

Homebrew Review: New Year BeerOoo. This turned out REALLY GREAT. You missed out if you didn’t get to taste this. If I passed you on the street and you said, “Hey, got any homebrew?” But then you didn’t ever stop by to drink any. YOUR LOSS.

As the title says, this was a NEW YEAR BEER. My good gal and I drank it on New Year’s Eve while our two kids went APESHIT because we ate in the dining room instead of the kitchen like we normally do. But it was a holiday and this beer was strong, so who was counting.

Homebrew Review: New Year Beer in a glassYou could really taste the clementine in here and the coriander. Both worked really great. A crisp, even beer to start out 2014 and all the hellacious snow and cold.

Homebrew Review: Coffee & Donut Stout

Homebrew Review: Coffee & Donut StoutWell, surprisingly this turned out really well. I thought it was gonna be a dud because I thought I had my oven too high when I was steeping the grains (I KNOW BEER TALK). But turned out that it was fine and this was flavorful and delicious and tasted like a really great stout. I wish I had made more than just a one gallon batch.

I ended up given this out as a Christmas present to my older brother and dad. They both enjoyed it, or at least told me they did.Coffee & Donut Stout in a glass