It’s So Hard Knowing (Version 2)

For this re-recorded version of It’s So Hard Knowing (click here to listen to the original) I actually used the melody of another re-recorded version of a different song from a few years ago. This one.

It's So Hard Knowing (Version 2)
Blisters happen. It’s a FACT.

I was going to do the same fingerpicking guitar part too. I did a bunch of recordings. I tried and tired. But I’m out of practice, it hurt my fingers too much and I couldn’t get the tempo right, so I scrapped those recordings and just sang the fingerpicked part. Made it more different than I originally intended.

And then my fingers were free to pick other things, like noses, ears, butts, fights, scabs, fruit, lint, teeth, toejam. And they were only mildly blistered.

Anyway, have a listen: