Homebrew Review: New Year Beer

Homebrew Review: New Year BeerOoo. This turned out REALLY GREAT. You missed out if you didn’t get to taste this. If I passed you on the street and you said, “Hey, got any homebrew?” But then you didn’t ever stop by to drink any. YOUR LOSS.

As the title says, this was a NEW YEAR BEER. My good gal and I drank it on New Year’s Eve while our two kids went APESHIT because we ate in the dining room instead of the kitchen like we normally do. But it was a holiday and this beer was strong, so who was counting.

Homebrew Review: New Year Beer in a glassYou could really taste the clementine in here and the coriander. Both worked really great. A crisp, even beer to start out 2014 and all the hellacious snow and cold.