Homebrew Review: Tea & Toast Ale

Homebrew Review: Tea & Toast AleI’m writing all my Homebrew Reviews in one night. Because…FUCK IT. And because I haven’t brewed since I made this black tea-infused, biscuity beer on Christmas Eve.

I just got kind of tired of brewing. It takes a long time. Especially when you only get 9 beers for brewing a one gallon batch. I’m not saying I’m quitting, I just needed a break.

Anyway, I chose to brew this because when I first started I had planned on doing this beer. I never got around to it, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Now, it turned out. And It’s alright. It’s not really my thing, though. My good gal likes it a whole lot, but it’s too ACIDIC or something for me. I’m not sure. It maybe just doesn’t really taste like beer to me. Tastes more like some sort of tea and I’m not a big tea drinker.

So, anyway, that’s my last beer for a while.