Rahm Emanuel Says (I’m Guided by the Love of Gold)

A New Version of Mister Mayor Says

With all the big issues you have to deal with in a big city like Chicago, who better to deal with them than good, ol’ Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel Says (I'm Guided by the Love of Gold)
Rahm Emanuel has good intentions and good will for all of the citizens of Chicago.

I first wrote this song WAY BACK near the end of 2009. The original subject being good, ol’ Mayor Daley, may God rest his soul. I never figured he’d retire from his job and thought I’d get to keep singing the song and singing it until I died.

But all good things come to an end.

Good, ol’ Mayor Daley retired and good, ol’ Mayor Rahm stepped right in. So, I figured I better update my song a bit just for him.

You’re welcome, Mister Mayor.

If you’d like to hear the original recording that appeared on my album It’s Chicago! from 2010, go here. If you’d like to hear some other draft recordings, go here and here.

Hey! You can now download this song by clicking here.