What’s Always In My Dreams (Version 2)

What's Always In My Dreams (Version 2)
This ever in your dreams?

Well, how about this! It’s a rewritten song of a tune that I originally wrote way back in 2013. Feels like about a million years ago. Was writing a lot of train songs back then.

You can hear the original version right here.

See that the two versions are somewhat different. A little rearranged. A tad dissimilar.

Also, see how I really lost it near the end of the tune. My guitar playing has suffered incredibly from not playing at all. Funny how that happens. It’s like a big bloated belly that you get if you skip two-three years of doing any kind of abdominal exercise.

Kind of felt like I was playing the guitar upside down, actually. Which, I guess, is appropriate since I used an old Elizabeth Cotton tune for the guitar part. Check her out. She plays guitar upside down better than you play it regular.

ANYWAY. Hope you enjoy the new rewritten song. If not, then please be willing to check back once in a while to see some progress of a struggling songwriter.