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Rewritten Song: What did I ever ask you for? (version 2)

What did I ever ask you for? (version 2)

Well, here’s the second version of this song (originally written and recorded in December 2011). I used the Carter Family’s version of “Wouldn’t Mind Dying” as the melody. And I rearranged the words a bit. I like this one better, but it’s still a little too sentimental, I think.

New Song: Bury me in the sun

Yep, you got it…another make-up new song. Or, er…I guess these make-up songs are just becoming the weekly songs, or, uh…who’s even keeping track, right?

Anyway, this song was meant for the week of February 25th even though I started it on March 6. I swear I’ve got a tune that I started back in February that I’ll eventually finish. And I’ve got a couple songs that I’ve been working with the past couple days.

All of that is bound to get me back on track and just working on one new song and one re-recorded version of an old song each week. Instead of 20 new songs and re-recordings.

When I wrote this song it was going to be very different. I don’t even really remember exactly how it sounded, but I know the first time I sang the first set of words I wrote, it was not this.

The second time I sat down with it, it became some sort of sad downer of a gospel tune. That incarnation did not last too long.

I settled on this one. It’s based on the old Carter Family tune I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow. Do you hear that in there? I sang it in a key that hurt my voice, but I think it sounds right to me. I was going to add some other noise to it…clapping and drumming and honking and wheezing, but after I listened to the playback a couple times I decided it already had all that and didn’t need any other tracks.

So there you have it. Be seeing ya.