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Rewritten Song: Honey, Hear Me True (version 2)

Honey Hear Me True (version 2)

This right here. This song. This recording I did in my cold cold cold kitchen. It’s 58 degrees in here. This one is a re-do of a song from 2 years ago. This song, in fact. If you go and read about that first version, you’ll see that I thought I wasn’t done with it yet. That it needed work. That I would, in fact, keep working on it. I did not. I quit it. Until a couple days ago.

For the new version. The one you have here. The one you are listening to and reading about. This one. This new version is based on Ramblin’ Jack Elliott’s version of “The Roving Gambler.” Go listen to it. If you don’t. If you think you just do not have time. Well. Then. Okay. But I think you should, for what it’s worth.

So, I rewrote my song like that song. It’s a version of a version of a version into infinity. This version has some of the same words as the original version of mine. Only a few. It also has some of the same words as “The Roving Gambler.” That’s okay. It’s folk music. Or, it’s music. You’re allowed to take and steal and use and call your own. It’s okay. Trust me. I have an industry card. It says that on the back. I flip it over and look all the time.

Okay. No get to bed with your lover. Or your lonesome self. It’ll be okay. Alright? I mean. I’m telling myself it’ll be okay. See? It’ll be okay. Hear those pigeon calls?