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Homebrew Review: Oak Whiskey Tripel

Homebrew Review: Oak Whiskey TripelThis is a “Go Now, Or Else You Gotta Stay All Night” type of beer. STRONG. It’s the first one where I kind of went my own way away from the Brooklyn Brew Shop recipe. The basics were the same for the Tripel, but I added some oak chips and some whiskey and, well, just WINGED IT.

Now, I tasted one after it was ready and, I’m not sure if I was really paying attention. I thought it was good.

Then I tried another a few days later. It wasn’t ready yet. None of the flavors were really coming together well. It tasted like drinking a puzzle.

So I socked it away in a cabinet in the basement for the FUTURE. It’s down there right now. Doing SOMETHING. I bet in like 6 months it’ll be really good.

Thanks to Bob Dylan for the name of this beer. Seriously, don’t drink and drive, okay?