Rewritten Song: Without You (To Lean On) (version 2)

1960s Front-line Power OrganHere’s the newly recorded, newly updated, newly new version of the song I released way back in 2011. Go check out the original here.

Notice anything different?

I attempted to go out of some sort of comfort zone. I added some instruments that I don’t really know how to play. Like a Frontalini Power Organ from 1960’s Italy and a marching band drum from my one-year-old daughter.

If you keep up with the photos I post from Instagram, I’ll get one up of the organ. Was my great-grandmother’s. I’ve had it for a couple years, but it’s a little intimidating to someone who only took piano from age 5 up to age 12 and then touched no more pianos. They become strange and unique creatures. They make your knuckles sore.

Anyway…this is the new version. It’s surely different than pretty much any other recording I’ve done before (that I can recall off the top of my head). But, still retains that same feeling of most of my songs. I don’t quite know how to get rid of that. Or move beyond that. Or completely become that.

I’m sure, though, I’ll figure something out in the weeks and months to come.

In the meantime, just keep listening and passing the songs on to other people, okay?