Rewritten Song: Rise Up & Heal (version 2)

Here’s the re-record for this week. I used the 60’s Frontalini Power Organ again. This time I’m not so sure it worked out so well. Some parts work okay, others do not. This is why I do these songs, though…to work out the bad parts, the uninteresting parts, the parts that just aren’t going anywhere. It’s all useful, though.

Now, you can also go and listen to the original here, which was very hard to improve on. If you read the description from 2 years ago, you’ll see it’s based on a old gospel tune. It’s one my wife was learning for a gospel choir she was singing in. I heard it and just knew I’d need to use it somehow.

And so I did. I used it.

Almost used it all up. Rise Up & Heal is a tune I played in Poor Elvis a lot. There’s lots of performances of it on youtube, but also a recording of it on the CD Poor Elvis put out back in 2011.

Now, I’m going to try it out with Pearls Mahone. You can catch the first couple shows in that group on February 10 (details here) and February 14 (details here). So come check it out.