Rewritten Song: When the day comes down (version 2)

This is a make-up for the re-record that I missed a few weeks back. I’m gonna be doing that most of this week. Making up for the last couple weeks where I did no new songs, no writing, no recording, nothing.

I did a lot of nothing.

Or, I did a lot, but I did no music.

Anyway. This is the first re-record that I’m making up for. The song’s from back in 2011, the week of February 7. You can listen to that original version here.

I didn’t have a whole lot to say about that tune. I guess that’s why I felt like I needed to rewrite the whole thing.

Or, I didn’t feel like it. That’s just what happened. Took about exactly 15 minutes to do that. I think the song pretty much still says the same thing, with the one exception that it’s got 2 more years of experience behind it. So it’s got a few more words. That’s basically what experience gets you.

More words.

Okay. Now I’ve got to work up this one, which I’ll post tomorrow. (Not to mention write 3 new songs to make up for the past three weeks I’ve missed writing a new tune and a new one for this week….Geez. Good luck.)