Rewritten Song: No other way forward (version 2)

Okay. I had this idea for this re-record for a while. Just getting around to it this week. So what.

Here’s the idea: Do some key changes in this song.

I thought it’d fit and work well. I thought it’d be so easy to figure out. Really shows my inexperience and lack of ability. Anyway, it’s done and I think it turned out. Entertains me, at least. Probably for different reasons than it entertains you.

Be sure to listen to the original as a comparison. Just click here.

Tomorrow I re-record this tune from 2011. Then I’m all caught up on re-recordings and I hit the hardwood on writing 4 songs the rest of the week to get all caught up on new songs. Think any of them will be good?

Also, notice the new links to share these songs around on the internet. Feel free to use those, okay? I’ll be adding some more new things like that in the near future, plus you’ll start to read more about how I’m getting a new website together. But don’t worry about that. It’s more an exercise in…”Can I build a website from scratch?”…than an exercise in anything else.