Rewritten Song: I wouldn’t have to keep you on my mind (version 2)

Well, geez…for someone who just can’t stand himself, I sure do write a whole lot of songs about myself. I think I know why that is, but I’m not going to get into that here or now. I’ll just start to try really hard to write a different type of song. I’ve got four chances the rest of this week while I play catch up for not posting new songs the past month.

We’ll see where I get to.

Now, this is the song I wrote this week way back in 2011. I sure had a lot to say about that one (read and listen here), even though the original version just doesn’t really say anything at all about anything at all.

It’s kinda about saying nothing.

This version isn’t a whole lot better, but at least it’s about saying something.

It’s probably much better to live saying what’s on your mind than holding that all in, right? That’s what this song is about I guess. I sure didn’t know that back in 2011, I guess. I’m not sure if I totally know it now either.

Anyway, it’s just a song and it doesn’t really mean anything at all.

I can tell you, though, that I heard Ramblin’ Jack Elliott singing “Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms” this afternoon and that’s what I used as the basic melody for this re-recording. Ramblin’ Jack’s version of that tune is my favorite. It’s what got me seriously started playing guitar and singing. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott does that to a whole lot of people.

Now…I’ve got four new songs to write. Enough of talking about old songs.

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