New Song: I need to have a name

I need to have a name

Okay. Here’s the second song of the one-song-that’s-only-one-line-every-one-day thing that I’m attempting.


I recorded the harp first for this one. That melody was in my head. I had no One Line. So I laid it down (or is it layed it down?) as they say.

Then I put in some guitar. This was tricky because I did not play the harmonica at an even tempo or an even time signature. Go figure. (This is why I use a harp rack most times. I don’t know where that is, though.)

They I added two tracks of vocals after coming up with a line of words. Might not seem like much now. Just want, though, until I put together all the different one line parts. Then it’ll seem like, well, a longer nothing.

But I’m entertained at the moment. Try not to stare with your mouth open.

(Please listen close on the vocal track. Do you hear that? That’s either my voice going because I’m out of practice, or because I’m coming down with a head cold. Your pick.)