The Talkin’ Headline Blues #86

The Talkin' Headline Blues #86

Remember these? Where I grab headlines from and make them into a talkin’ blues song?

Haven’t done one since…last October!? So, I figured it’s time to start them up again. Here’s why:

I can only pay attention to the news and events of the day, week, or month like this:

  1. Pick one small segment of news…like SPORTS or CELEBRITIES or POLITICS and really read up on everything to do with that topic each and every day. Lately, I’ve decided that SPORTS is the most entertaining to me and I read articles at this place.
  2. Attempt to take in ALL the news and only really take in the brief summaries heard or headlines read. This gets me in situations where I’ll be at a party or talking to someone and I’ll try to follow along with a current event conversation and I’ll just be lost. Also, I think this means I’m getting old.
  3. Don’t listen to ANY news at all. This is similar to number 2, and a little more relaxing, in a way, but I start to lose a grip on reality.

How do you listen to the news? Any other ways that you can suggest to me?

Maybe you can start listening to the news as a song, huh? I’ll keep on doing these if you keep on listening (and probably I’ll keep doing them even if you don’t, because…I don’t know who you are and because, like I said last night in my post about songwriting, the more you do it, the easier it gets and the more songs you get).