The Talkin’ Headline Blues #93

The Talkin' Headline Blues #93

If you’ve been reading my Medicated Artist posts, then you’ll know why it may have been such a struggle for me to record this song. I’m not really sure why, but it took every ounce to just do it.


Anyway, this is the 93rd version of this series and I don’t see any point in stopping. Sometimes I think I should, but can’t after reading a headline like this:

Miss America: Butt glue and more highlights

It’s funny on it’s own. Someone took the time to write that. Someone brought home the bacon by writing that. But then, also think about how, maybe, the same person wrote this headline:

Multiple bodies inside navy yard

See how it becomes even more insane? Why do I need to know about both of those things in such close context?

Is someone who’s really excited about Miss America also going to be interested in reading news items about death? It’s possible, I guess, but I wonder….

Can you retain any of that information that your bombarded with? And how would you even read the thousands of different headlines that are on every single day? IMPOSSIBLE.

Even if you just skim the brief, somewhat-vague-somewhat-descriptive headlines, you’ll never remember more than one or two. I can’t. But, maybe my memory just isn’t good.

Are one or two headlines all the information you need to make it through the day? Maybe so.

Usually, I just want to drink coffee all day and be left alone to think about donuts and when I should get a haircut. So, I can get by on one or two headlines.

Sometimes I wonder about everyone else, though. How does everyone else see this world? How do they navigate it? What are their relationships like? What do they hold close? And how much do they let out?

And then I go back to considering sprinkles or no sprinkles or an afternoon haircut or an evening one.