Homebrew Review: Apple Crisp Ale

Homebrew Review: Apple Crisp AleI had big plans for this homebrew. BIG PLANS. I was going to trot it out on Thanksgiving for everyone to sip on during dinner and through the weekend. My brother is really into hard cider, so I figured he might like this apple-steeped beer.

It’s another BBS recipe (of course, I don’t do ANYTHING ELSE), except I didn’t use the apples they suggested, I just used what we had in our bottom fridge drawer. I think it was one Honey Crisp and one Gala. Or maybe a Pink Lady or a Cripps Pink. Anyway, it was two of those. I probably should have used a green apple, or something less sweet, though, because…

The beer SUCKS. Well, on the first sip you initially think, “Oh, hey, I taste apples, this is going to be good,” but then one second later, “Uh, oh, ah…GET OUT OF MY MOUTH.”

Homebrew Review: Apple Crisp AleI’m probably being too critical. It definitely isn’t good, though. It tasted medicinal. Just, not good. I tried two, one after two weeks in the bottle and one after three. BOTH BAD. They look good, though. It’s a dark beer with a reddish hue and a nice frothy head. I wish it tasted like it looked.

Anyway, I’m disappointed because I didn’t have this for Thanksgiving. FAILURE. But I’m just going to stick the other seven bottles down in the basement and let them sit until next fall and then try one and hope that some aging does something, anything. ANYTHING.

Next homebrew review up…Prohibition Ale.