Homebrew Review: Chocolate Maple Porter

Homebrew Review: Chocolate Maple PorterIt was starting to get cold a few weeks ago, so I decided to do this BBS porter homebrew recipe. I’ve really been getting into darker beers lately with the sun going down around 4pm. They seem to warm me more than, say, an IPA or something like that.

This one turned out great. It took an extra week of bottle conditioning to get the right amount of carbonation (the first one I opened after 2 weeks was completely flat and the second after 3 weeks was only a little better), but now it tastes really great. Chocolatey with a nice dry finish. This is probably one of the more successful homebrews I’ve done. Kind of wish I had more than 5 left.Homebrew Review: Chocolate Maple Porter

Only issue I had when I brewed this one was a blow off on the second day of fermentation. I use a blow-off tube for the first week before switching to an airlock, which usually keeps the stopper from popping off when there’s a really active fermentation. Not this one, though. The porter went nuts. No telling how long the stopper was off, but, as far as I can tell, the beer wasn’t damaged at all and NO ONE HAS BEEN POISONED YET.

Next review up…Apple Crisp Ale.