I Should Say Farewell

I Should Say FarewellI Should Say Farewell is first new song I wrote in 2014 (and the first new one I’ve wrote in a long time). Sometimes you just have to do it. You get an idea and no matter what’s been getting in your way, you just say, “fuck it.”

I said, “fuck it.”

But only after a week and a half of sitting on this tune and thinking I’d never write anything else. I mean, by choice. Like, just give it all up. All of this.

But then I said, “fuck it.”

Sometimes that helps.

I wasn’t really sure what this song was about, but after singing it a few times and recording it, I’m gonna guess that it’s about Noah. That’s my guess. It’s biblical. That’s probably why I had no idea when it first came out. Didn’t know why I had to write the words I had to. Didn’t know what they meant at all.

Sometimes that happens

And then I say to myself, “fuck it.”