Embargoing Ass: The Talkin’ Headline Blues #164

The Talkin’ Headline Blues is a weekly series of recordings using unedited headlines from CNN.com written as a song. This week’s topic: Embargoing Ass.

Embargoing Ass: The Talkin' Headline Blues #164
Go ahead and embargo some ass. Could be your ass. Could be someone else’s ass. Whatever ass you’re embargoing, you can rest assured that you’re making American great again.

U.S. fires surprise hate embargo.
Canned female gives over verdict.
Ninjas smile.
Question for leaders embarrassing.

Do you see how I arrived at this week’s topic? It was easy! I just combined the word “embargo” with the word “embarrassing” and VOILA! Very similar to writing a song by using headlines that are already written. You don’t even really need to read exactly what the headlines are about. Most of them are very unimportant anyway. If you feel like reading something like that, though, go for it! Here’re all the articles: