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Virgin’s F-Word: The Talkin’ Headline Blues #110

The Talkin’ Headline Blues is a weekly series of recordings using unedited headlines from CNN.com written as a song. This week’s topic: Virgin’s F-Word.

Virgin's F-Word: The Talkin' Headline Blues #110

Breastfeed this virgin’s teen.
Female stuff for when gentlemen near the record f-word.
Help what fight?

The Talkin’ Headline Blues #102

The Talkin' Headline Blues #102

Top sinkhole
sacred opponent’s missing
theory. Lion was
off to die.
Win filled with
the trust

I share this because it’s how I see the news. It’s how I read the headlines and get all my information about the world. I take it all in and pieces and parts and fragments come back out of me and I don’t know what to make of them. Don’t know what they mean at all. Don’t know how to use them. I look deeply into other eyes that look deeply into mine and I just see pieces and parts and fragments. I don’t know how to make one complete sound.

The Talkin’ Headline Blues #100

The Talkin' Headline Blues #100

November 4, 2010, right through to November 4, 2013. That sure is a whole lot of headlines. It’s kind of weird that I wrote them both on the same date, the first one and the one-hundreth one.

You can read about why I started doing those on my first post. And you can listen to all the Talkin’ Headlines from that first week here, here, here, and here. (And here’s all of those first five squashed together.)

I only played the Talkin’ Headline tune out at a live show once back in February of 2011. It was this one. I also played one on a live radio show, which was a pretty good time. Listen to the original, non-radio version, here.

So, this tune has had a little small about of success, I’d say. But I’m not quite done with it. I plan to do a thousand of these. So keep listening for the next 19 or so years and see if I make it to number 1,000, okay?

I wonder how the news will change. Probably just a lot more flying car crashes and Justin Bieber obituaries.

The Talkin’ Headline Blues #99

The Talkin' Headline Blues #99

Tantrum is a hard word to sing.

Chris Brown is also a hard word to sing.

Hey, did you notice this is the 99th version of this song? That means the next one I record is a SIGNIFICANT MILESTONE. Also, did you know it’s been almost exactly three whole years since I did the very first Talkin’ Headline Blues?

Reading that old post sure does take ya down memory lane, huh?

In other news, I’ll be performing on November 4 at the Hungry Brain. Yeah, seriously. Someone talked me into it. Check out the details here.

I haven’t played live (and I’ve barely played at all) since like March and not seriously since, like, oh, Summer 2012.


It seems like maybe the show is free. It looks like it starts at 9pm. It’s on a Monday night at the Hungry Brain. I’m only playing two songs and I have no idea when that’ll happen. SO EASY TO MISS THIS.

The Talkin’ Headline Blues #98

The Talkin' Headline Blues #98

“Here’s to old D. H. Lawrence.”

My Brother will know what that means. He showed me that movie for the first time. Thanks Brother.

Sorry for the silliness. The news was just too depressing today. I was already so low down. I didn’t need to read all that.

Luckily I had synthetic minerals to attach to my terrible brain chemicals. Not everyone is so lucky.

Anyway, here’s to the first of the day. NEECK NEECK NEECK NEECK.