New Song: Too loud to hear, too bright to see

Too loud to hear, too bright to see

Well, here we go. I haven’t posted a song since…this one back at the beginning of May. I haven’t even really touched my guitar or sung many tunes since then. Except lullabies.

Anyway…so, I’m posting this. It’s similar to that last song I posted. It’s the start of a new idea, I think. I mean…it’s the start of me posting a new song each and every day, Monday through Friday, every single week.

You say: “No! Can’t be done! Don’t even try!”

I say: “Hold on, honcho.”

Each song is going to be only one line. Or, one verse/chorus/phrase. Just one. I’ll use parts to add on, as I did in this song, but I can only use the words from the one line that I write on whatever day I write it.

I wrote this one yesterday…on Sunday. I saw it on a book cover sitting on the counter. It’s this book. And, yeah…okay…I totally did not write down the words the same as the book title (which is Too Loud to See, Too Bright to Hear). And the actual book title is way more interesting than what I mistakenly wrote down. (UPDATE: By the way, I have NOT read this book, but just saw what it’s about and that’s kinda funny that it weaves different stories together since that’s what I’m attempting to do with these songs.)

But it’s the first thing I’ve done in two and a half months, so I’m not gonna be too critical.

Now, at the end of a month of doing this, I figure I maybe will have a song that I can piece together. You know…all the one-liners will just fit snugly together in one song and I’ll dust my hands and call it a day.

Or I won’t do that because I’ve never been able to piece together a song. I like to really practice at writing. Like, 5 to 6 thousand words a day. Just anything but also entire songs. Something whole and beautiful and terrible eventually pops out. Then something else. And then a bunch. And then it gets really easy. A lot of the writing is bad. A lot of the songs are horendous. But some are okay. A few work. One or two are successful.

And now I’ve shared too much about my secret process that every other writer knows about and uses.

But, anyway…I’ll try to piece together a big collage song. At least one time. And then I’ll move on to something else, maybe.

This is only a start at becoming.