Phat Dope: The Talkin’ Headline Blues #167

The Talkin’ Headline Blues is a weekly series of recordings using unedited headlines from written as a song. This week’s topic: Phat Dope.

Phat Dope: The Talkin' Headline Blues #167
Shown here is a nun and her religious habit.

Sensitive, thin Obama loses Trump teacher.
Airport welcomes marijuana of Spain’s fat wombats.
Legendary joyride.

Some blames dope and some blames liquor. Some blames love and some blames, uh, politics. The habit I blame is looking at news headlines on websites dedicated solely to posting as many news headlines  as possible.

Got a habit of your very own? No? Why not start staring at online news articles like me then? Here’re several collected for you in a nice bulleted list: